Online-Fortbildung: State and Religion in the US: A Nation with the Soul of a Church

It is one of the great American paradoxes: few countries have a stricter separation of church and state than the USA, yet religion pervades both public life and politics to a degree unknown in most other democracies. This online-seminar examines the historical and political dimensions of church and state in the US, with a focus on the development and effects of religious diversity in America as well the political controversies driven by religious issues such as contraception, abortion, school prayer, teaching evolution, and same-sex marriage. Political satire helps to bring a sense of humor to these otherwise serious topics.

Dr. Markus Hünemörder is an adjunct lecturer for American History at the University of Munich.
After Dr. Hünemörder's presentation, there will be room for questions, an exchange of ideas, and some practical input on how to implement the issues addressed by Dr. Hünemörder in the classroom. Dr. Gerardine Pereira (ILF Saarbrücken) will moderate this latter part.