ONLINE-FORTBILDUNG: USA Update 2020: America in the Age of Trump (in Kooperation mit dem ILF Mainz)

After his surprising election victory in 2016, how has president Trump and his right-wing populist agenda impacted the United States? This online-seminar will look at key issues such as foreign policy, economic policy, and Trump's signature issue immigration. We will also look at the current corona crisis, the American healthcare system and the upcoming presidential election. What chances does presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden have and which issues dominate the election campaign? Political cartoons and satirical videos will provide comic relief about these serious issues.

Dr. Markus Hünemörder is an adjunct lecturer for American History at the University of Munich.
Due to great demand, this online-seminar will be an (updated) repeat of the event on 5 May 2020.

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